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Design for Safer Whitstable Road

Faversham Liberal Democrat Councillor Antony Hook has received a boost his campaign to improve the safety of the Zebra Crossing on Whitstable Road. Kent Highways engineers have made a technical drawing of changes that could be made to the crossing that has seen 5 accidents in 5 years, including one fatal accident.   Continue reading

Make Whitstable Road Crossing Safer

Faversham Liberal Democrats are demanding action from the authorities to make the Whitstable Road Zebra Crossing safer. It is one of the busiest crossings in the town, right opposite the Recreation Ground.  Hundreds of parents and children use it everyday going to and from local schools. Continue reading

Fly the flag for Pride

  Faversham Lib Dem Councillor Antony Hook is calling for the Town's Guildhall to show support for Faversham's first ever Pride Festival on 23-24 June.   Councillor Hook and Independent Councillor Ben Martin have put down a motion calling for the international Pride Rainbow flag to fly from Faversham's landmark building during the festival.   The proposal is expected to be debated by the Town Council on Monday 11 June.   Continue reading

Snow: latest KCC info on roads

I hope everyone in Faversham has been able to stay safe during the snowy weather this week.  It has been lovely to see children making snowmen. But for public services and local businesses the snow can be disrupting. This photo is the view in Hazebrouck Road on Tuesday morning.  I have obtained the latest information from Kent County Council on road closures all over the county.  It is district-by-district. Please scroll down for information on the Swale area.   Continue reading

Antony Hook secures grant for Faversham youth football

I am really pleased to have been able to help this fantastic club for young people. Here is their press release: Faversham Strike Force FC unveiled their new club banner at The Mount this week – funded with a grant from the town's county councillor Antony Hook. The huge banner stretches almost the entire length of the club’s 3G pitch and provides all visitors with a snapshot of the club. This includes details of their teams, from the youngest ‘Mini Bolts’ up to the men’s and women’s sides, along with the club’s mission statement to provide a ‘safe, enjoyable learning environment for all’.   Continue reading

Abbey School Steps Made Safer after Lib Dem Campaign

  Lib Dems secure safer crossing for school pupils  Kent County Council have installed anti-slip strips on the steps of the pedestrian bridge across the A2 at the Abbey School after a young pupil was seriously injured.  The worked was prompted by a request by Liberal Democrat campaigner Ben J. Martin, after a year 7 pupil suffered concussion in September as a result of slipping down the steps.  In addition to the work carried out by KCC, Ben contacted the school who agreed to increase supervision near the bridge at the start and end of the school day. Continue reading

Threat of more lorries - help us say "no"

Antony Hook and Faversham Liberal Democrats are fighting against an attempt to bring in an extra 480 lorries per week through our town. East Kent Recycling, who sort industrial waste, at Oare are applying for permission to double the number of lorries going to their site each day. This company's skip lorries are unpopular with local people. The congest local roads and cause noise and pollution.  They also want to build huge new plant at Oare that will cause noise and nuisance for local people. In 2014, Conservative run Kent County Council gave the company £250,000 interest free to expand at Oare. The application will not create jobs or expand recycling in Kent.  The company have said then plan to close a site in Aylesham and move staff from there to here. The application is a threat to air quality, will increase traffic intolerably, will create noise, will endanger a site of special scientific interest and risk pollution to the creek, and will endanger the quality of life for people in new and existing housing locally. 80 lorries a day to and from this site is already too many,  Increasing to 160, from 5am, is an outrageous proposal. Continue reading

Standing up for Kent jobs - our place in the Cutoms Union

 Liberal Democrats on Kent County Council are standing up for the jobs and livelihoods on people in Faversham and across our county. Those jobs are under threat from the possibility of the UK leaving the European Customs Union.  Doing so will mean that lorries that currently clear Kent ports in minutes will take 10 times as long.  The ports will clog up, Kent roads will stack up, goods we buy and sell will be delayed and more expensive.  Exemptions from customs charges will be lost. Jobs will be lost People who voted to remain or leave the European Union on 23 June 2016 were not asked whether or they wanted to leave the Customs Union. That is why, on Thursday (19/10/17) we will table a motion calling for Parliament to consider all options for Kent. Continue reading

ROSPA factsheet shows 20mph means safer roads

ROSPA have produced a helpful fact sheet looking at a wide range of evidence on the effects of 20mph speed limits. One of the key findings is that your risk of being killed ("fatality risk") is more than 5 times worse on a 30mph road than on a 20mph road. There are fewer accidents and when they do happen the injuries are less severe because the speed (and energy with which the vehicle is moving) is less. It is important to remember that however safely you drive, others do not and slower speed gives more time to react to what other people do. Some people say, "but not everyone will obey a 20mph speed limit."  This is true.  But they key point is that enough people do obey them, or drive slower than they would otherwise, to make a real difference that saves lives. The ROSPA fact sheet can be read here.

20's Plenty: Antony Hook launches online petition

Faversham's campaigner and County Councillor Antony Hook has launched an online petition in support of the town's "20's Plenty Campaign". The campaign is calling for 20 mph speed limits on more residential roads in our town.       Continue reading

Council admits drain design inadequate

Council bosses admits Whitstable Road drainage not up to the job Yesterday, Antony Hook wrote to Kent's Director of Highways & Waste about flooding problems in the Park Row area of Whitstable Road, opposite Faversham Recreation Ground. A council official has written back to say "the design is inadequate" to handle the amount of rain that comes onto the road from the Recreation Ground. Continue reading

Antony Hook demands action on Park Row Flooding

Faversham Councillor Antony Hook is demanding authorities take action over serious flooding in the Park Row area of Whitstable Road.  Rain this week left the road knee deep with litter and debris floating and water coming up to residents' doorsteps. The cause of the problem appears to me drains not being unblocked, not enough drainage being designed into the street and water running of Faversham Recreation Ground. Continue reading

Defending breast feeding support in Kent from more Conservative cuts

  Conservatives at Kent County Council are proposing significant cut in financial support for breastfeeding services from January 2018. The dramatic cuts planned would hit the county’s already low breastfeeding rates and child health. Continue reading

Antony welcomes creation of Faversham Traders Group for local business

Antony Hook has welcomed the creation of Faversham Traders Group, to bring together and represent all types of business in the local are. Continue reading


Antony Hook has asked Highways officials to review whether Athelstan Road can be made safer, with traffic calming or other measures, after a boy was hot by a car last Friday, causing a serious injury.     Continue reading

Watch Antony Hook speak for Faversham, against Tory Pay Grab

At County Hall on 13th July, Antony Hook spoke against the Conservative proposal to increase councillors' pay by 15%:       Continue reading

Antony Hook Votes Against 15% Councillors' Pay Rise

On 13th July 2017, Conservatives at Kent County Council voted themselves a shocking 15% pay increase. This was despite an independent report saying only a 1.5% was justified. All Liberal Democrats, the official opposition on Kent County Council, voted against, including Faversham's representative Antony Hook.       Continue reading