Antony Hook demands action on Park Row Flooding

Faversham Councillor Antony Hook is demanding authorities take action over serious flooding in the Park Row area of Whitstable Road. 

whitstable_road_flooding_aug_2017.pngRain this week left the road knee deep with litter and debris floating and water coming up to residents' doorsteps.

The cause of the problem appears to me drains not being unblocked, not enough drainage being designed into the street and water running of Faversham Recreation Ground.

Antony said,

"It is outrageous that Park Row residents should be flooded on their doorstep.  This carries a risk to their safety and their property and also to other local residents using Whitstable Road."

"My view is that both Kent County Council and Swale Borough Council have failed to take proper action to deal with this problem."

"Both Councils are controlled by complacent Conservative majorities who are prepared to sit back and let local residents suffer."

"I have written to Kent's Director of Highways & Waste to demand immediate action. I have reminded him that the Council has legal duties to prevent hazards on land it controls.  Any breach of those duties is very serious."

You can see a copy of Antony's letter to the Director here.