Antony Hook Votes Against 15% Councillors' Pay Rise

On 13th July 2017, Conservatives at Kent County Council voted themselves a shocking 15% pay increase.

This was despite an independent report saying only a 1.5% was justified.

All Liberal Democrats, the official opposition on Kent County Council, voted against, including Faversham's representative Antony Hook.




Antony said,

"Local people will be rightly aghast that Conservative Councillors voted themselves a 15% pay increase at Kent County Council This just shows how out of touch local Conservatives are with local people. There is something grubby in doing this two months after the local elections, rather than before people went to vote.

They just chose to ignore an independent experts' report.  But all the time we expect the public to accept expert findings.  In extreme, Kent's social services take children away from their parents because of experts' reports. Your disability benefit might be cut on the basis of what an expert says.  Road crossings that people want get refused because of expert report.  But when it suits them the council will now ignore a report.

I will not be accepting the pay increase.  I will be giving it away to a number of good local causes over the next four years.  In particular, I will donate a significant amount to helping new people stand for election as local councillors.
New people will do a much better job than these Conservative 15 per centers who have been in power locally for far too long.
We need change.