Design for Safer Whitstable Road

Faversham Liberal Democrat Councillor Antony Hook has received a boost his campaign to improve the safety of the Zebra Crossing on Whitstable Road.

Kent Highways engineers have made a technical drawing of changes that could be made to the crossing that has seen 5 accidents in 5 years, including one fatal accident.Whtistable_Road_Zebra_Drawing.jpg



The plan includes:

  • Widening the pavement on the Recreation Ground side by 1.2m to slow traffic and make pedestrians easier to see
  • Road resurfaced with anti-skid material on either side of the crossing
  • New warning sign for motorists driving from the east
  • Anti-skid covers to be added to chamber covers in the road
  • Yellow 'belisha' beacon to be further out to be more visible

The estimated cost of the changes is £39,000.

Councillor Hook said,

"I am pleased we have this drawing, which the engineers have put a lot of work into creating."

"I intend to continue to consult local people keep up the pressure to make these changes happen."

"The cost of these changes is a tiny price to make this crossing safer for hundreds of people who use it every day including very many Faversham school children and parents with pushchairs." 

"Please let me know what you think."

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