Fly the flag for Pride

Faversham Lib Dem Councillor Antony Hook is calling for the Town's Guildhall to show support for Faversham's first ever Pride Festival on 23-24 June.
Councillor Hook and Independent Councillor Ben Martin have put down a motion calling for the international Pride Rainbow flag to fly from Faversham's landmark building during the festival.
The proposal is expected to be debated by the Town Council on Monday 11 June.
Councillor Hook said,
"Pride is an international celebration of all kinds of diversity and especially for equality for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people who we all know suffered decades of unfair treatment."
"It is about saying that love is love, whoever it is between, and that we are an inclusive town where everyone is welcome."
"The organisers of the Faversham Pride have done fantastic work to make this happen."
"Our Town Council should show its full support and I am suggesting that we fly the Pride Rainbow flag over the Guildhall during the festival weekend."
"The Rainbow flag is recognised all over the world as a symbol of inclusion and equality."
"I hope my fellow Town Councillors will all give this their support on 11 June."
"As a County Councillor I am also writing to the new Chair of Kent County Council Mike Angell asking for a Rainbow Flag to fly from County Hall."