Threat of more lorries - help us say "no"

ospringe_lorry_photo.jpgAntony Hook and Faversham Liberal Democrats are fighting against an attempt to bring in an extra 480 lorries per week through our town.

East Kent Recycling, who sort industrial waste, at Oare are applying for permission to double the number of lorries going to their site each day.

This company's skip lorries are unpopular with local people. The congest local roads and cause noise and pollution.  They also want to build huge new plant at Oare that will cause noise and nuisance for local people.

In 2014, Conservative run Kent County Council gave the company £250,000 interest free to expand at Oare.

The application will not create jobs or expand recycling in Kent.  The company have said then plan to close a site in Aylesham and move staff from there to here.

The application is a threat to air quality, will increase traffic intolerably, will create noise, will endanger a site of special scientific interest and risk pollution to the creek, and will endanger the quality of life for people in new and existing housing locally.

80 lorries a day to and from this site is already too many,  Increasing to 160, from 5am, is an outrageous proposal.

This application to expand must be refused.  Faversham cannot take any more lorries.

If you want to see documents related to the application on Kent County Council's website, please see here.

To lodge an objection against the proposal please click here.